TVB Marketing International was started in Brazil in 1991. TVB was a marketing company established to predominately worked for five star hotel properties operating independent marketing programs that generate incremental room and restaurant reservations and revenues for contracted hotels

After opening offices in the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Recife for ITT Sheraton Hotels in 1991, the company expanded to Africa and the Middle East with offices opening in Egypt as well as in the Gulf States of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

Expansion continued in 1994, 95, 96 through to 2013 with branch offices being opened in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Russia, Yemen, Oman, Russia and Bulgaria.

Throughout this period TVB worked for over 50 international hotels, had 22 offices, with over 400 full and part-time employees in marketing operations in over 15 different countries. During this time TVB Group expanded into hospitality upselling training for Hotel front desk and restaurant management and staff.

In 2012, TVB Group company owners and directors took the decision to expand into building or buying their own adventure tourism hotel properties. Partnering and purchasing Franchises from the US Aggressor Adventures company, TVB Group has between 2013 and 2021 established a luxury Aggressor Nile Queen Cruising yacht and luxury Aggressor Red Sea Liveaboard yacht in Egypt and an Aggressor Safari Lodge in Sri Lanka.

TVB Group also established a new Healthcare division in 2012 with multiple accredited US online pharmacies that offer worldwide low income clientele without health insurance coverage, low cost generic medications shipped to their door step at between 50% to 80% cheaper than can be bought locally. TVB Group International sold off their Healthcare Division in 2022.

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Red Sea RE Aggressor

Awesome visibility, massive schools of hammerheads, grey reef and silky sharks combined with the breathtaking Umbria WW II shipwreck, this new destination in the Red

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