TVB Group Executive Summary

In an increasingly competitive market, hotels and resorts are faced with an uphill battle to maintain market share. As the economy shifts, travel patterns alter, resulting in domestic or international upheaval, these factors can dramatically impact a properties profitability.

To generate revenue in the competitive environment heading into the third millennium, hotels the world over are faced with a critical choice between three alternatives:

  • To nurture the existing local business and corporate community
  • To advertise extensively to the local community
  • To advertise extensively to business communities and feeder markets outside the local area

Important factors such as budget constraints, staff promotional expertise and the hotels reputation play a critical role in determining which strategic marketing plan will be effective for the hotel.

Therefore, the marketing company that the hotel chooses to assist them, should be a primary concern. Increasingly the world’s most successful hotels are choosing TVB Marketing International.
Since 1991, TVB Marketing International has been actively developing and refining its hotel Club programs. Our recognized expertise has led us around the world to become the premier international hospitality marketing company with offices in five continents

Such growth is a reflection of our commitment to our clients. TVB becomes an integral working member of the hotels service team bringing with us the skills to launch the local hotels marketing programs in a manner that brings immediate returns without any budgetary outlays for the hotel. Our programs are designed to support and augment the sales and marketing activities of the hotel in order to achieve its goals.

Since 2000, TVB has successfully expanded to establish a new Hospitality Training Division which has created new innovative Upselling Training Programs for hotels front desk, reservations and restaurant staff. As well, TVB established a new Hospitality Software Development Division which has created a new Frequent User & Reward system that can be added to TVB’s existing marketing fidelity programs or installed and operated separately as a stand alone program.

TVB Marketing continues to expand, currently working for different hotel groups and independents spanning 5 continents.

TVB Group of Companies continues to explore opportunities to add further businesses and companies via diversification of our group.

Background, History, Companies & Shareholders

TVB Marketing International was started in Brazil in 1991. TVB was a marketing company established to predominately worked for five star hotel properties operating independent marketing programs that generate extra room and restaurant reservations and revenues for contracted hotels

After opening offices in the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Recife for ITT Sheraton Hotels in 1991, the company expanded to Africa and the Middle East with offices opening in Egypt as well as in the Gulf States of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

Expansion continued in 1994, 95, 96 through to 2013 with branch offices being opened in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Russia, Yemen, Oman, Russia and Bulgaria. Throughout this period TVB worked for over 50 international hotels, had 22 offices, with over 400 full and part-time employees in marketing operations in over 15 different countries. During this time TVB Group expanded into hospitality upselling training for Hotel front desk and restaurant management and staff.

Company Objectives and Methodology

TVB Group aims to enter into mutually beneficial business relationships, whether to concur the existing recession or improve the existing image in the market. Assist a variety of business sectors i.e. Hospitality and tourism sector, the insurance and banking sector, to increase their annual turnover and achieve healthy profitablity, providing them with a larger share in a very competitive market environment. At the same time provide the end user with a network of attractive and useful benefits.


Our approach is summarized in the following points :

  • Providing relevant database.
  • Providing relevant leads.
  • Implementing developed market strategies that have already proven promising results in developing markets.
  • Tailoring marketing policies and strategies with different scenarios that meet out clients business needs, and at the same time preserving their image in the market.
  • Creating beneficial marketing networks that include a group of participants from different sectors.
  • Reducing cost and time consumption through successful and professional telemarketing programs.
  • Gaining end user loyalty by ensuring their satisfaction and providing them with an after sales service i.e. updating clients with new benefits, handling reservations needs on their behalf.
  • Providing our sales team with necessary training on regular basis in order to strengthen their proffessional behaviour.
  • Offering very competitive and motivating bonus systems for our sales staff.
  • Hiring specialized management in different sectors to benefits from their experience.
  • Creating market awareness for all participants.
  • Strong internal control system, controlled by travelling senior executives within our offices to audit the accurance and adherance to the system.

Clients, Current & Previous Programme Operations

TVB Clients :

Below are some of the countries TVB have successfully operated our Marketing, Training, Data Management & FUS programmes: